Our hardwood logs are a mixture of Ash, Elm, Sycamore, Beech and Birch. The logs we deliver are mainly kiln dried. We occasionally have cheaper air dried logs in stock, please call to ask. Our logs are typically 25cm long.

We source our firewood from several places, some is imported from the EU as Britain really does not have that much forest. The majority of our kiln dried now comes from our trusted partners in the EU. We also glean as much locally as we can from tree surgery. We also source round wood from UK lumber merchants which we process into firewood.

Our high quality hardwood logs have a low moisture content, therefore giving a very clean burn. They should not get the inside of your glass panel (on a log-burner) black and sooty because they burn so hot. This allows all the exhaust gasses to be consumed. We are no longer allowed to sell damp or unseasoned logs in quantities less than 2 cubic metres, please call to enquire.

We sell logs in 4 different styles of packaging: Net bags, Barrow Bags, large builder’s Dumpy Bags (about a cubic metre in size) and crates. We re-use all barrow bags and ask that these are returned after use.