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Each pack contains 12 briquettes. Weight is 10kg per pack, a huge amount of heat for not a lot of money.

This excellent product is made from by-products of the wood milling and sawing process. The name is taken from the hydraulic press manufacturer’s name.

These clean, hot, hardwood briquettes are a great alternative to firewood logs for your burner, or fireplace. They are made from 100% virgin wood with nothing else added. Due to their very low moisture content the RUF Heatlogs ignite fairly easily , produce a nice burn followed by a long hot glow. They are very dense and don’t take up much storage space. Put 2 in close together and they may last overnight.

The briquettes are off white in colour and release a forest like smell upon opening the pack. They have a very high calorific value of 17.8 MJ/kg. They do not spit or smoke due to their low moisture content.

Each briquette measures approx. 65x90x150mm.

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RUF Heatlogs

1 Pack, 4 Packs. £5.50/pk, 8 Packs. £5.25/pk, 16 Packs. £5.00/pk, 32 Packs. £4.75/pk, 64 Packs. £4.00/pk


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